5 ways to kill your sister

I have recently been playing Alliance casually with my sisters (and some friends). They’re both excited at the prospect of playing Worgen and wanted to get some Alliance naturalisation in, and it’s a fun break for me – which is one of the reasons I’m not playing an alt in SAN right now.

One of them is (sensibly) levelling solo, and it’s fun to be able to all chat on the guild channel even when we aren’t hanging out in game. Hopefully we’ll later make up for that too.

We have also discovered that I am a dreadful tour guide. I could probably charge for thrill seeking tours of Azeroth, because even with the best of all possible intentions, many of my guided tours are punctuated with sudden, inevitable death.


Here’s some examples:

  1. A friend offers you both a portal to Shattrath while you both are low level. You take her up to the Scryer tier, forgetting that she is playing a draenei shaman. She gets teleported out into Terrokar forest, where lots of nasties lie in wait.
  2. You apologise and take her up to the Aldor tier to bind instead. As you head back down, you remember to say, “Be careful not to fall off the lift here,” just as she goes plummeting past you to become a draenei shaped splat on the floor below.
  3. You decide it would be a great idea to quest in Tanaris, and foolishly take the quest that requires exploring insect hives. This does not actually kill her, except possibly with boredom as you then get horribly lost. (Someone kill me if I ever suggest going to to silithus later on.)
  4. You are chatting lazing about stuff while both separately catching up on mining. There is a long pause, after which she reports that she accidentally rode off a cliff while typing.
  5. You forget to warn her that there is a horde camp right in the middle of the road through Feralas. The results are not pretty.

Good job she’s a shaman and has a self-res, huh?

Anyone have any other classic death scenarios to suggest if we want to make sure she gets the full Azeroth levelling experience? Particularly classic Alliance death scenarios.

ps. Happy Birthday for last Tuesday, Arbitrary. We celebrated with a special ‘falling off a cliff’ death.