Applying for more powerful characters

Imagine an MMO where instead of starting at low level and working your way up slowly to godkiller levels, there was provision for character types with very different tiers of power. (Maybe peasants and crafters just have a wildly different endgame to landowning nobles or successful adventurers.) Instead of always progressing the same character from low level to godkiller, you would just apply for a higher level character slot if you wanted to play one.

And maybe requirements for getting a powerful character might include some or all of these:

  • brief interview with a GM or staffer
  • showing that you play a minimum number of hours a week to prove that the character would be active
  • showing that you can afford to spend more money on the game
  • show that you are competent at playing the game
  • experience at playing similar types of character/ role in the past
  • show that you have connections in the community (maybe that you’ve been in a guild for awhile or run some kind of social network in the game)
  • show that you know your way around the gameworld, even the obscure parts
  • show that you are able and interested in organising the community (maybe you’ve been a raid leader, organised successful RP events, or PUGs)
  • show intimate knowledge of game mechanics
  • show that you know the lore
  • show that you can speak good english (or whatever the server language is)
  • show that you can write good english (ditto)

Would you end up with very different games to the types we have now? What qualities would you ask for? Do hardcore players ‘deserve’ more powerful characters if they fulfil some or all of these criteria?