Pony Up!


So you have more Champion’s Seals than you reasonably know what to do with? Why not pick up the Argent Pony Bridle to give to your Argent Squire/ Gruntling pet?

At the cheap one-time-only cost of 150 Champion’s Seals, you too can have a pet that lets you access your bank, mail, or a vendor once every four hours, from wherever you are. And if that wasn’t enough, Blizzard threw in an achievement when you apply the bridle – Pony Up!

I think this is probably the single most useful thing that you can purchase with Champion’s Seals. Heirloom gear can also be bought with Conquest Badges after all, and pretty mounts are just cosmetic. But being able to answer your fanmail from the middle of a cave somewhere? Priceless.


This is the window that comes up when you click on your pet once the pony is enabled. You can see that you have options to access your bank, the mail, or a trader.

The trader will buy your junk and sell you food and reagents (no drinks though, maybe the argent gruntling isn’t old enough to be allowed to carry those). So although only the pet’s owner can access these functions, you could still buy reagents for other people who had forgotten them.

There’s no timer to let you know when the pony will be available again. And for the next four hours after you use this, the top three options in the list will not be available.

pony3Mrs Spinks answers her fanmail from the middle of a cave somewhere…