Thought of the Day: Is your judgement of a game based on how powerful your favourite class is?

I noticed during a recent beta that my initial judgement on a game is  affected by how good/ strong/ overpowered my first class turns out to be in the early game.

I’m not saying that it’s right. I’m just saying that if my character is struggling with basic quests where others aren’t and I’m fairly sure it isn’t down to my lack of player skill, there’s a chance I’ll think, “OK, my preferred class isn’t good in this game, maybe I’ll pass.”

Similarly, my judgement on Cataclysm is going to be affected by how well my Arms warrior plays out. Sure, I could switch to an alt if I don’t think it is working out. But the first reaction stays with you.

I think this is part of what Tipa is discussing where she says that she prefers to play MMOs with people who are committed to their game of choice. One of the tests of commitment is what you do if your favourite class seems underpowered. Do you go find a different game, or stick with it and either try a different class or build, or make the best of what you have? (In the vast majority of the MMOs I have played, switching to a different class is a better solution than trying to make the best of a bad thing, incidentally. Don’t bet on devs rebalancing things unless you know they have a track record of doing so.)

This was also brought to mind by a comment in a Cataclysm thread on where one poster loves the new WoW expansion, citing as the main factor that his character is top on the damage meters by a significant amount. (*coff* overpowered class *coff* ).