A holiday, a holiday, the first one of the year! Best of 2009.

Happy Birthday, blog!

((twilight zone music))

On this day last year, I wrote my first proper post for the blog. It was our first trip into Naxxramas, and I wanted to talk about why it felt like such an edgy period getting raids started at the beginning of an expansion.  It also  documents my first raid as one of the main tanks for our 25 man raid group (which they have kindly let me keep doing all year).

Oh, I was nervous alright. 24 other people relying on me to not mess up their evening.

I’ve gotten a lot more confident since then, both with writing and tanking. So has our raid group, which happily spent much of last night wiping on one of the new bosses that got patched in this week.

I’d like to thank everyone who follows or has ever commented on the blog, it’s just amazing to me that I can write some blurb and people want to come and chat about it. I love you all. My goal was to try to write something every day, and although I have given myself the odd day off, it’s mostly been realised.

I’d particularly like to thank Larisa (who was the first person who ever linked here that I didn’t know personally), and Matticus (who was very decent in responding to a critique I wrote about one of his posts; and he’s a big blogger and doesn’t need to do that, I was and still am touched).

So with no more ado, here are some of my favourite posts of the year:

My Roleplaying Posts
One of the things I really enjoyed writing this year was a six part series on roleplaying in MMOs, what the main problems are, what works, what doesn’t, and how it could be improved.

And, finally, my cat.

Thanks again for coming along for the ride. If there’s anything you’d like to see more or less of next year, feel free to leave feedback either in comments, via twitter, or  email.