Keepin’ it rare

Anyone who was aiming to get a cool flying mount from completing all the raid achievements from current Wrath raids will need to get a wriggle on. Because the mounts won’t be given out any more after patch 3.1 goes live. It’s apparently because they need to stay ‘rare’ so that people who fancy themselves hardcore can get an egoboost.

I could care less about the mount. Achievements have served their purpose for me in that they kept my 10 man raids entertained with dps checks, movement checks, and new strategies. But what I don’t like is the feeling that I’m being chivvied along at Blizzard’s pace, not mine. So we waited for people to hit 80 in a casual guild before we started raiding and then chose to just spend one night a week on 10 mans. I just picked out the achievements that I thought would be fun or encourage the raid to focus on some aspect of play.

I didn’t think we were on a timer. And I resent that, despite not caring about the mount myself.

I also never planned to schedule the undermanned runs (to get the full set of achievements, you need to run the 10 man instances with only 8, or the 25 man runs with only 20) – I’d always assumed that people would eventually get bored and we’d have less people signing anyway. I will not leave people sitting outside when there is room in the raid just for an achievement,

But this extra pressure of omg mount disappearing is going to stress some of my friends out. I’m away this week and the friend who is running the raid in my absence scheduled an 8 man run and … yes, left two people on reserve to do it. I hope they get the achievements they want and have a smooth run –- and it will never happen on my watch. I have goals for 10 mans and that isn’t one of them. But now I wonder, is that really fair to the guys who do want (and deserve) their fancy mount.

It may never matter. I don’t know if we’ll kill sarth+3 in a 10 man, which is what we’d also need to do. (and by the way, that was a sucky thing to do to a 10 man raid, give them an achievement that truly was not scaled properly to the lower number)