CCP to announce new Vampire: The Requiem MMO at PAX?

This is the big rumour going around at the moment. A Vampire MMO is going to be announced by CCP/ White Wolf at PAX next week. If you thought the buzz was strong about Dust, prepare to be blown out of the water.

And the proof? They’ve hired a nightclub in Seattle (Heaven) for the Saturday Night and are dressing it up as The Succubus Club. If you look at the flyer in the link, you’ll see it’s listed as a private event, but with the CCP and White Wolf logos in the lower left corner.

CCP have already trademarked the name Vampire: The Requiem for a computer game, could this be what they’re planning for it?

And as any fan of White Wolf’s Vampire RPG will know, The Succubus Club is an iconic vampire nightclub in the Chicago-by-Night setting. And besides, the picture shows a vampire with her fangs bared and wineglasses full of blood. Is the CCP game going to be set in Chicago? Get your fangs ready and prepare to find out.