Prepare to be boarded!

Amidst a sea of feverish dreams, I have a vague memory of having completed a very silly quest line in Pirates of the Burning Sea all to do with your own true love. And a spool through my screenshot archive proves that it really happened … (incidentally you are free to pick male or female love interests) with some example quest text.


Perhaps disappointingly, and giving a prime example of why romantic(?) storytelling and quest based MMOs don’t work, his book suggested using violin playing skills to distract the watchful brother/ sister while you flirted with your object of desire.

In practice this involves

  • /fiddle tariq
  • ((run quickly upstairs))
  • /flirt malika
  • /flirt malika
  • /flirt malika

I don’t know about you but … yeah somewhere in there, the feeling is gone. Still, fair play to Flying Lab, campy carry-on romance plots do seem to fit very well in the pirates/ Caribbean setting.