The mysterious case of the cat in the night time


Imagine if you will that you have a cat. And that you decide to buy your cat a cat basket to sleep in.

(If you own a cat, you will probably be laughing now at the naivety of the above statement.)

So the cat basket is designed perfectly to fit a cat’s sleeping needs. It’s comfortable, enclosed, and you have placed it somewhere safe and warm. Perfect!

But your cat ignores the cat basket. It will sleep in a selection of semi-random uncomfortable spots in the house. It will sleep in your sock drawer. It will sleep on the window sill. It will sleep on the bathroom floor. But it will shun the cat basket, as if it was allergic.  So you give up. You put the cat basket away somewhere in the back of the attic, in a pile with the old records and tangles of wire.

And then one day, when the cat is exploring on its own, it finds the abandoned cat basket. Suddenly, the cat is more interested. And then you actually find the cat snoozing INSIDE the cat basket.

I’ll leave the MMO/gaming related observations about explorer playing styles and whether game elements are more fun when you discover them yourself as an exercise for the reader.