The allure of class forums

One of the features of WoW fandom is just how strong the different class communities have become. Even though the game now is much more likely to nudge a player towards multiple alts (if they weren’t already that way inclined), the community formed in an era where most people had a definitive main character. So they picked a class they liked and committed to it, and it pretty much defined the lens through which they saw the game.

Forums are also brilliant resources. They form communities and let people share information, which is handy in a game like an MMO where information changes with every patch so information sources need to change too. I really feel that knowing that there is a strong and welcoming community is a great lure to new players (as long as they can find it.) I also think that players find class based forums to be safe spaces in which to cry on each other’s shoulders about nerfs and admit that maybe they do need some tips.

But I do wonder how many people read every forum for every class of which they have an alt – and that’s even before adding in other in-game interests such as crafting, making gold on the auction house, pets, and so on which also have dedicated forum communities.

And if so, do they switch from the mental model  of “Now I am a paladin and I will cry with my paladin brethren about the upcoming changes” to “I will now put my warlock hat on and bitch about paladins with my warlock mates!”