How not to do a crafting tutorial

This is the tutorial that gave me SAN loss.

Notice that the text overlaps with my chat window (the green text in the bottom left). I could not figure a way to stop it from doing this. There is also a massive amount of text in that text box.

Also, whatever you do, do NOT follow the suggestion to go check out your skill book. I (foolishly) did this and was overwhelmed by pages and pages of evocatively named icons. None of them said which trades they affected so even if I had wanted to pull some out and put them on a quickbar, I would have had no clue which ones to use.

It turns out that in practice it’s a lot easier than this sounds. But my first reaction to this text was to run screaming to a friend and beg for a comprehensible guide. That’s a pretty good indication that your tutorial is not working as intended.