D3 release date announced, and the annual pass question?

Dammit Blizzard, two posts in one day. This is a quick one, however.

Blizzard have announced a release date for Diablo 3, it will be going live on May 15th. And you won’t be able to sign up for the annual pass after May 1st, so if you want one then go for it before then.

Actually, leaving it until April/ May to sign up for an annual pass might be the best of both worlds if you unsubbed due to being bored of Cataclysm but are keen to play Pandaria. That would still give you D3 and the MoP beta access, and the majority of the year from May ’12 – May ’13 is likely to include Pandaria rather than Cataclysm content.

It’s not for me, I have D3 on preorder anyway and don’t much care for expansion betas. But it may well be a better looking deal than signing up last December would have been if Cataclysm has run its course for you.  I also suspect strongly that the MoP beta will not start until the annual pass signup has expired (ie. not until May), but we’ll see.