Raid update

I’m a bit behind with this. Oops.

In 25 man raiding, we got Sarth+2 down this week. I wasn’t there myself but apparently it all ran quite smooth. I was in for last week’s attempts and thought it was likely they’d nail it this time.

10 man raids still going fine. It is more of a struggle now to get people to sign up, and there are more alts and new 80s wanting to come. This does not bode well for Undying attempts but is good from a point of view of gearing more people up.

We came very close to making an Undying run last week. Everything was going well up to Kel’Thuzad, at which point just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong. There were 2 disconnects, people getting flustered and standing too close to each other, both healers being taken out with the same ice blast, we lost the off tank before phase 3, and so on.

Impressively, we still got the kill. Hurrah for having 2 shamans, 2 warlocks and a druid in the raid (for non-WoW players, that adds up to a lot of in-combat resses). I tanked the adds in phase 3 as well as the boss and to be honest, it was probably easier than having an off-tank sitting out of the rest of the fight waiting.

One thing I do like about the Undying achievement is that people get very very focussed on survival and helping other people to survive also. It wasn’t by any means a flawless run but I noticed how quick people were at recovering from mistakes. At any rate, I do still want to get the achievement and I’m sure we can do it.

Other thing of note, this week was the first time we’d had a mage in the raid. We just don’t have many mages in my guild, and this was a new player who’d just hit 80. Need to experiment more with dampen magic on Sapphiron — I asked him to use it on himself this time so we could compare damage taken using WWS afterwards. Was amused by how many of the rest of the raid swore that Sapphiron didn’t do magic damage.

I think not. We’ll see who is right when we get the meters up 🙂