Random Wow Thoughts: Draenei vs Worgen females, shortage of tanks

Earlier this week I referred to a survey about the relative popularity of different class/ gender combos among WoW players. One of the things that came out of the survey is that Draenei are the race where players are most likely to pick a female character. And a commenter noted that worgen females (despite being the most recent race added to the Alliance side) were perceived as being a lot less attractive.

So I thought I’d show some newish alts side by side.



I am also not fond of how the worgen females look in play, but if you look at the still screenshots they look mostly fine. I think the worgens have way too large boobs – it may be appealing to the furry fans but I find it really detracts from the lean, mean, feral killing machine look. There is also an uncanny element of sticking a non-human face on top of a human(ish) body, which doesn’t happen so much with the male worgen who have a much more feral, animalistic stance.

The draenei on the other hand has a beautiful face but her posture, with the hugely arched spine, looks uncomfortably weird (or more likely, designed to have her arse stick out as much as possible). It’s fine for an alien race to look weird but I find this very off-putting.

So how is that shortage of tanks thing going?

There is still a deep shortage of tanks in WoW, and this time around we’re seeing it in the raid guilds as well as the 5 mans. I think the extra perk reward helped the numbers in the short term, but the main draw to playing a tank/ healer in random instances is still the shorter queue.

I also notice increasingly that players in my guild who don’t play a tank are very reluctant to consider tanking on a new alt. Somewhere along the line, it feels as though the barrier to learning the role became overwhelming for people. So as the regular tanks want a break or want to level non tanking alts, guild groups become rarer. I’m not sure how typical we are, but I’ll just throw it out there as an example. It has the effect that I’m way more popular with guildies when I tank, even though it’s not my preferred role at the moment. Although they also have an increased interest in ranked battlegrounds at the moment, perhaps because you don’t have to wait for a tank.

On the forums, someone suggested making dungeons that don’t require tanks or allowing a pet/ NPC tank to fill out the instance group. If this happened, there would genuinely be no point in tanking unless you really love it, especially if the NPC tank was good. Plus few PUG players would put up with an inexperienced tank who is learning the role if they could just summon a pet to do it. The same would apply to healing. (And probably to dps too – pets already don’t break crowd control which puts them ahead of the game really.)

Zarhym also said:

That said, you do raise some good points about offering challenging, rewarding content to players which doesn’t rely solely on players waiting for a specific class role which is in high demand across the boards. In our minds, there’s potentially something missing between daily quests and dungeons, from a content/progression perspective. To that end, we’re exploring some options for the future.

This hints at some kind of solo/ skirmish content in the works (I wondered why it had taken Blizzard so long to steal the skirmish idea from LOTRO.)

One of the other interesting comments in that thread was from someone who used to tank/ heal in TBC and Wrath but finds them both too difficult/ stressful now. And yes, it sucks that instances can be fairly chilled and relaxing if you roll in as dps whereas tanks and healers have a fairly stressful time of it (not so much now that people are getting overgeared but the same idea holds.)

 i’d rather half !@# an instance as dps than actually have to focus on being a good player.