Thought of the Day: Duelling new players?

In some games (like WoW) when you head to a prime newbie zone, chances are that you will be inundated for requests to duel. Many of these requests will be from characters many levels higher than the newbies for whom the zone was designed.

I definitely remember creating new characters in WoW and being challenged to duels by people in Goldshire who were at least 10 levels higher and in full (lowbie) PvP gear/ heirlooms.

I’m wondering now why people accept those duel requests and whether anyone finds it fun to duel someone higher level like that against whom they have literally no chance? (Because they could one shot you, for example.) Actually, I also wonder why anyone bothers issuing those duel requests. Is there some kind of achievement for it?

At the same time, it really does highlight for me that there were always players who really wanted a full PvP (or at least a full arena-based) game from the outset. The only mysteries are:

  • a) why they didn’t roll on PvP servers
  • b) why they didn’t try a more PvP focussed game (eg. in WAR you can hop straight into a scenario and be ranked up so as to not be at a massive disadvantage).