Holiday Mailbox Spam

If you play Warcraft, you’re probably nodding at the title and wishing that your mail had a “delete all” function.

Brief explanation: The current in game holiday is the Lunar Festival, which is based loosely on Chinese New Year celebrations. The game is decorated with red banners and lanterns and one of the things you can do is travel around the world visiting elders. Some are in towns, some are in the middle of nowhere, some are in instances (why?), and this year if you visit them all you can get a title for your character. A few hours after you have visited an elder, they send you a sweet mail in a red envelope thanking you for remembering them and giving you a small gift.

There are 75 of them! That’s a lot of little red envelopes.

For all that, I do like the Lunar Festival.The red decorations are pretty, visiting elders is a nice concept and very different to other sorts of festivals, and there’s an easy outdoor raid boss that encourages people to get together. We had an alliance group for Omen last night and all alts, whatever level, came along (because he’s easy but that’s not really the point). Some alliance in the area helped too.

It’s as if for one shining moment someone in Blizzard realised that the great thing about RL holidays is that they’re an excuse to meet up with your family and do things together.

Even low level characters can visit a few elders and get some tokens to turn in for fireworks or pretty clothes. And having elders in instances encourages more groups to form for them. The instance servers, which already are choking under the strain, were working hard last night.

Oh the Irony

So it’s funny that after saying yesterday that I was bored of heroics, I was roped in to run a load last night. One of my friends really does want that Elder title for her character and that means talking to the instance elders in Northrend.

And it was fun. We grabbed whoever from the guild wanted to come along and set off. And since this included a couple of very new level 80s we decided to run the easier instances on heroic to get them some rep, and the more dps check ones on normal because we wanted a relaxed night.

So I think one answer for me about heroics is that I enjoy them more when other people in the group need things from them, not just if I do. Or maybe it’s just that anything is more fun when you do it in a chilled out way with friends.

But I am dreading logging on today after maintenance to deal with the mail.