Thought of the Day: Sometimes we just want to be noticed

One of the side-effects of a general election campaign here is that we get much more mail than usual because of political leafletting. The contents of the leaflets are irrelevant, other than any identifiers on the front and the name of the person to whom it is addressed. This is because most people throw them straight into the bin without reading.

So why do parties keep destroying trees to send us bumph that no one reads? It’s because while people grouch about receiving the junk mail, they REALLY complain if they feel left out. Once an undecided voter thinks, “Huh, I guess they don’t want my vote”, it’s an uphill struggle to change their mind. Believe me, I notice which parties have not deigned to send us any leaflets. And I really notice when a leaflet is addressed to my husband and not to me.

And you’ll see this in games also. People will eye up a new MMO and complain like crazy if some feature is not present, even if they wouldn’t use it even if it was. (Crafting is a great example of this – loads of people who don’t even like crafting will complain if a game does not contain it.)