Entrepreneurs! Put WoW on your business plans!

Venturebeat links to a lecture given at Stanford University last week in which a former director of Xenox PARC explains how raid and guild leading in WoW could be really useful experience for entrepreneurs.

Why so?

  • learn to work with groups
  • learn to give and to handle criticism
  • learn to use crowdsourcing
  • an environment where performance can be measured

The argument about whether people should put WoW on their job applications is one that has been doing the rounds for awhile, but how about raid leading as experience for running your own business? It certainly COULD give people valuable skills in remote working and managing virtual communities, not to mention marketing their community to potential new recruits. And a lot of the man management skills could equally apply to handling employees, particularly when they’re volunteers or freelancers. This is partly why a lot of guild leadership blogs borrow heavily from management guides (the other reason is that people who have experience of management in real life often find they’re able to transfer the same skills to running a guild.)

Still, it is interesting to see the notion gain more and more traction. What do you think? Is running a guild likely to be good experience for an entrepreneur? And of course, many¬† of the more successful guild leaders or bloggers in the WoW fan sphere do pretty much run their own businesses by taking sponsorship or adverts ….