10 cool things to check out

Today is a Bank Holiday over here, so I’m taking a day off. Here’s some other fun things to read or play in the meantime.

  1. Try the Braid Demo on PC. It’s an award winning time shifting storytelling platform game. I can’t really explain, other than to say try it and see what you think.
  2. Nerf the Cat briefly reviews some of her favourite gaming and geek-friendly podcasts.
  3. Zork, blogging at Elitist Jerks, is starting a tutorial for people who want to know how to create their own WoW mods.
  4. Blame the Healer has some suggestions for Spring Cleaning your bags in MMOs.
  5. RPS are playing through Knights of the Old Republic (a game that lets you choose whether you want to be good or evil) on total bastard mode and telling us their story.
  6. Sign up for the Dungeon Party open beta. Seems to be some kind of team based comedy dungeon delving. You can read about it here.
  7. If you have a CoH account, go play with the mission creator. I’ll be writing about my experiences with it later (short form: love it!!). A Ding World reviews the types of missions that players have been creating.
  8. I often write about tanking in WoW, but have you tried tanking in other games? Omelettz@Breakfast at War talks about some of the issues she’s had tanking with her Blackguard in Warhammer. Her problems include line of sight, parity with other tanks,  how to tank in PvP …
  9. OK, this is an indulgent one. For me, the best game ever made was Elite which I played to death and loved to death as a teenager. And now  Gamasutra have an article all about the game and what made it so great.
  10. Try Grow Tower. It’s a cute flash puzzle game that kept me amused for awhile.