Gryphon Chick, just can’t catch a break, can we?


Whatever you think about the Warcraft pet store, these things do make great presents for friends who play the game. I’d never have bought this baby gryphon for myself, but I’m sure that Cuddly Cthulhu, the Beanie Baby Chinese Dragon, Kingslime key ring, and the Plastic Landshark will be glad of the company. And, long after I have stopped playing WoW, it will be fun to look at the gryphon toy and remember not only who gave it to me, but all the fond memories I have of Warcraft and the people I met while playing the game.

(Yes, all geeky households DO contain a selection of randomly geeky small toys. How else would we decorate our computer desks or cubicles at work?)

In a week where a lot of bloggers have been thinking about facebook games, it’s a reminder of why gifts are considered to be so significant in our culture (and probably most other human cultures too).


And for anyone who is curious, the in game pet doesn’t have any special animations but it is a very detailed model.