Dark Age of Camelot EU: The Last Battle

GOA have been running Dark Age of Camelot in Europe since the day it launched. There have been up times and down times, and legendary failures. But for those of us who played DaoC back in the day, GOA were synonymous with Mythic’s old warhorse of a MMO.

That era is coming to an end. It was reported recently that GOA have either let the license lapse or had it removed, and the game will soon be run in Europe by Mythic EA.

And now I, and presumably all the other ex-subscribers who have played the game in its eight year history, have been invited to join in one last hurrah. From 14th-20th Jan, former subscribers have free access to the realms of DaoC/Europe for one final great battle against a terrible danger yet to be revealed.

Accounts will be automatically re-opened, and the client can be downloaded from the community site. A lot of old and familiar names have signed the freddyshouse thread to say that they’ll plan to be there. If you’re an old subscriber, check the email address you subscribed with to pick up the offer.