Would you choose the same class again today?

I was writing last week about recent tweaks to warriors in the PTR that were going to result in Fury scaling better with Strength than Attack Power, and hence favouring plate over leather.

Bo@Vampiric Embrace riffs off this with a thoughtful look at why he’s not fond of dps warriors in raids and prefers them to tank.¬† Or in his words:

DPS is OK for Ret Pallies and Death Knights, the other two plate wearers, but I have a problem with DPS Warriors.

From an objective point of view, he notes that given three plate wearing classes/ specs who do similar dps but one needs more healing and brings less buffs, why would you want to bring the latter.

I don’t want to diss him (or encourage anyone else to do that) since I like to see people examining their own opinions to figure out where they came from. And also he’s right, although dps warriors have been posting very high numbers recently – but they’ll come into line next patch.

And as an aside, Death Knights, Druids, and Paladins are actually  stronger tanks at the moment than warriors also, at least in terms of threat, dps, buffs, and survivability.

A thread on the WoW US boards even asks whether Warriors should always get MT priority, on the grounds that they’re more useless than the other tanks when not main tanking. And several respondants say, quite reasonably, that if one tank is less flexible in one area and the others are all equally good, maybe it’s better to just not take them at all.

So my question is: If you were starting again, knowing what you know now about class roles and balance, would you pick the same class again today? Would you recommend it to anyone else?

I would.

I have played a few classes and liked them, but my warrior was my first and always my favourite. I really like the more involved playstyle and find her fun to play. She is perfectly well able to tank or dps any encounter in the game (apart from the really gimmicky ones like sarth+3, and people have done that with a warrior tank).

No one knows what future patches hold or how class balance will change in future. But whether or not a class is fun to play is a fairly core mechanic. Also, every class (aside from hunters in LOTRO) has their gripes and problems.

And the other reason I’d stick with Spinks?


(I apologise for this being a quickie. I am that person who forgot to move their clocks forwards yesterday. )