Explosives vs Dressing Up

burning guy

Halloween in the UK is often presented as the grey squirrel of festivals – imported from the US and busy trying (and succeeding) to kill off our more adorable native festival of Guy Fawkes Day. Because what could be more adorable and kid-friendly than burning 400 year old political dissidents in effigy and letting off fireworks?

Still, my childhood memories of this time of the year all involve a bit of Halloween vs a lot of going to big public fireworks displays (usually in the freezing cold), burning guys, eating cinder toffee and waving sparklers around in a criminally dangerous fashion. (I do apologise for all the recent nostalgia, I don’t really have a good explanation for it. Maybe it’s an Autumnal thing.)

I can only feel that it’s a shame that none of my MMOs have a proper fireworks festival. Oddly enough, the one that came closest was A Tale in the Desert which had a very elaborate crafting system for fireworks and planning creative fireworks displays.

I don’t have any issues with in game holiday events (well, aside from the pointless achievement side of things), even for holidays that we don’t really celebrate here. But increasingly I’m not that interested in doing the same holiday events every year except for unusually cool events. I suppose it’s the usual problem of old content and/ or old players…