In which I cheese an old title for my alt

I’ve been lazily levelling my treecow (resto druid) from 70 to 80 and I hopped into a Mount Hyjal pick up group earlier this week. Then one thing led to another and look what I found?

This is interesting because it marks one of the first experiments that Blizzard made with time-limited achievements.

The Hand of A’dal is the title that you used to be able to get for completing the long quest chain required to enter The Black Temple in The Burning Crusade. It required solo quests, 5 man group quests, and some tough raid bosses before you finally got to the prize. (Note: It is true that A’dal does not actually have hands, that’s why he needs your character to do the five-finger related work for him, and that sounds kind of ruder than I had intended 😉 )

The title was obsoleted before the end of TBC, so that anyone completing the quest chain after that would not receive it. I think this happened before they also removed the old reward for the Zul’Aman speed run. In any case, it was the first time (IIRC) that players were prevented from going back to old content and getting the same rewards that people did when it was cutting edge.

So here’s the question. I had no vials on my alt before the title was obsoleted. I hadn’t killed Kael’thas or Vashj by the end of  TBC. So how did I get that title on 13th June ’09? It amuses me to keep the title visible because no one knows how hardcore I’m not.