A tale of two guild hoppers

Maybe it’s the hot summer nights, the end of exams, or the sheen wearing off Ulduar already after a mere 7 weeks in release, but people I know seem restless in Azeroth. In our raid, we’ve had a few people going on breaks or temporary summer vacations from the game. I’d noticed the rest of the server was busy attempting to recruit also so it seems to be a more universal trend.

Among the various guild switches are two friends of mine, one from in-game and one from iRL. And I thought it was interesting to see what happened, why they hopped guild, and how it worked out.

Don’t treat your trials like used tea-bags!

First up, a friend of mine who is also one of the keenest and friendliest raiders that I know in game. He was one of the mainstays of my earlier 10 man raids in Naxxramas, and it always improved my mood when I saw that he’d signed for the week’s raid.  He puts out awesome dps, always gives 100%, is friendly and enthusiastic, cheers people up on voice chat, is always up for a challenge and does whatever he can to help other people with advice as well.

So I was sad when I heard that he wanted to transfer to a PvP server to be with some friends in a more hardcore guild. But I figured that our loss was someone else’s gain, and could see why he might want to try raiding on a different level.

Later, we heard that it didn’t work out so well. His new guild only ever slotted him in for progression/wipe raids and wouldn’t give him a lookin at the raids where he might have been able to gear up. His friends were recruited to an even more hardcore raid guild. It was barely a month in and he was already planning to transfer back to our server, then he actually got a decent job offer for a summer job and decided to do that instead.

And all I could think was what muppets that raid guild had been. By not treating a trial member with respect, they just lost one of the best raiders they could have ever hoped to get. Clue: if someone has just paid to transfer to your server, the chances are they won’t be running off with loot any time soon. And first impressions count, especially when summer is coming up and people have lots of non-game related options to do with their time.

Being carried is great!

A friend of mine in real life raids on a different server. He’s also a very keen raider, and had been a stalwart member of a casual raid group that had some success in TBC. At some point he decided that he wanted to do more progression raiding and switched to a more hardcore guild on a different server to do so.

All was going well, I had thought, when he commented recently that he had switched guilds again recently. His old guild had stalled for two weeks on Mimiron and he had been getting frustrated … then spotted that one of the more progressed guilds on his server was looking for an enhancement shaman.

He posted up a picture of his character at a Yogg-Saron kill, noting, “I was bottom of all the dps on the meters, but damn it feels good to be carried!” I know he plans to stay and work on the hard modes with his new guild, and I’m sure he won’t stay bottom on the meters once he gets to gear up some more. At least until they get stuck on one for a couple of weeks 🙂

It was just that once he’d gotten into the progression mindset, there was no point staying with a guild that had hit a brick wall and being frustrated when there were other options.

This, by the way, is why recruitment is such an issue for progression-minded guilds. It doesn’t take very long for your more ambitious raiders to start feeling twitchy IF they know they have options. And when the playebase in general is restless, there will be other options. In fact, switching guilds whenever your current one seems to have reached its limit  is arguably the optimal way for an individual to behave if progression is their personal goal.

What do you think?