Canon Doubt and Uncertainty

Back when I was writing for tabletop RPGs, I worked for a while on In Nomine which is a game where you get to play an angel (or demon) inĀ  a real world setting. The french game on which it was based was (brilliant) pure black comedy but the english version was more open to interpretation.

I know some people ran comedy games, some Christian groups ran fairly straightline ‘you are an angel of the lord’ games (one of the active posters on the mailing list for awhile was a pastor), and contrarians ran ‘lucifer was right all along!!!’ games. Some people ran it in historical settings, others ran it in futuristic ones. It was a flexible game. But this meant that the writers had to be careful with adding to the in game lore to keep all of these options open to players. Questions such as ‘What is God?’ really needed to be left to individual GMs and groups to work with, if they wanted to deal with it at all.

So the line editor had a list of “canon doubt and uncertainty” which was published to players. It was a way of saying, “We will never officially answer these questions, they’re all yours and we will never contradict what your group decides.” ie. in the official game canon, the answers to these questions will always be uncertain.

Are there any lore issues in games you play that you’d rather the writers never answered? Or do you prefer to have an awkward answer, or one that doesn’t seem to fit, rather than no answer at all?