[Cataclysm] Drops vs Quest Rewards

It’s always interesting at the start of an expansion to watch the queue sizes on popular servers like Argent Dawn (well over an hour at peak time last night)  – reminds me of how many people actually play this thing, when they’re all encouraged to log in at the same time. (And how much scope there is for improving the server architecture too ….)

So I haven’t had a lot of time in game. One thing I have noticed though is that random green drops in Vash’jir look to be better quality than similar green quest rewards. (For example, I picked up a level 79 dagger with +963 spellpower on it – that’s a similar item level (283) to the caster drops from heroic 25 man Lich King. Level 79.)

If this is intended and not just an item glitch, it’s quite a turn up for the books. In other expansions, green drops were mostly disenchanting fodder since there were bound to be better quest rewards just around the corner. Quests gave better rewards and it was partly an incentive to do them.

But it always felt strange to just sell item drops as if they were trash. I think I like the idea that it should be exciting when any type of item drops, even if it’s just for an alt or for resale. Disenchanting shouldn’t really be the automatic response.

Cataclysm Screenshot


A quest NPC is perhaps a little TOO grateful …