The truth about WoW and the ‘B Squad’

Back in July, Eric@Elder Game posted a thought provoking article about how development teams had been organised at Turbine. They had a development team (A Team) and a live team (B Team). He commented that WoW might use a similar structure and based his observations on what he’d seen coming out of their dev team recently.

Joystiq interviewed J Allan Brack (Warcraft’s lead producer) and this was one of the questions that they asked. What he actually said is that they only have one team for WoW. (140 people is a huge development team, incidentally, so presumably they are split into different projects.)

We have one team and it is over 140 people, and it is a World of Warcraft team. We have talked about splitting up into kind of expansion one team or into a live team, a patch team, and then an expansion team. But it is really important to us that we have one vision, one kind of consistent set of everything that we are doing, so it is just one team.

He is also asked to comment on how large Cataclysm will be as an expansion, given that there are 5 extra levels rather than 10. If you aren’t interested in levelling an alt in the next expansion, don’t expect WoW to last you as long as it has previously.

I think this is the … this is the largest expansion we have ever made. So there is a little less level up content for the people who are already at max level and only play one character. But we are going to have more dungeons. We are going to have more in game rating content. There is a huge amount of level up content, it is just not max level up.

And as an added bonus, there’s  a great drawing of a goblin mage girl on page 3 of the interview.