Twitter ye not!

One of the big things that has come out of our recent election is a sea change in the way online news is being reported. Both the BBC and The Guardian (the two sources I follow most closely) have been experimenting with what they call live news feeds over the last week.

And as well as the various news stories, they pad out the feeds by including timely tweets from the relevant people. It’s the next best thing to actually having an interview, and presenting a casually tweeted comment by the subject of said news story alongside the news has livened up the news feed immensely. Or at least, it’ll continue to be entertaining until people wise up that the media has gotten hold of the back channel.

And meanwhile, my local police force is on twitter too. PC Plod and Plodette dutifully report how many daily steps they took around the area (do they have pokewalkers hooked up to twitter, I wonder?), and their exciting escapades in  rescuing swans, arresting shoplifters, and giving talks in schools. I knew I should have stayed in London.

Do you use twitter for your gaming chat and news?

But that’s just two examples of how organisations I know are struggling with this new technology thing.

I love twitter. It’s difficult to really explain the appeal until you have had time to settle in and accrue a network of your own, but even if you never choose to chat you can listen in to what everyone else is saying. And lots of other MMO developers, bloggers, and readers use it too. I find it a great way to catch up on news, share interesting links, and hang out in a relaxed community of fellow gamers.

If you’re interested in taking part, twitter offers a shortcut. It’s possible to set up lists (ie. groups of people) and instead of following each person individually, you can opt to just follow the list. The easiest way to do this is via the twitter website – just follow any of the links below. There are also plenty of twitter clients available which will make it easier to organise both sending and receiving if you decide you want to spend more time with the site.

I know of a few lists of MMO bloggers:

Do you use twitter to chat about gaming? Have any good lists to recommend? Want more followers?

I’d like to update this page to include more twitter lists so feel free to make recommendations. Appropriate attributions will be made.