You can’t film that!

Apparently some (mad) director wants to make a film about Second Life. The story is basically about a guy whose online affair screws up his real life one.

I think Second Life got away lightly! What, no mad furry catgirl sex? No smut at all? No empty shopping arcades peopled by sad brand names who bought into the hype? They should be grateful to this director for making it look like a popular RP game.

Making a film of an MMO is just weird to me, with the honorable exception of LOTRO.

I know there was also talk about making a film of WoW. But why? I don’t want to watch a film about it when I can just play it. Plus the lore is OK but it’s not that great. Just sounds like another attempt to cash in — can’t blame them when that many people play. And would it invove naked elves dancing on mailboxes because without that, it’s not really the film of the game.