A little bit of housekeeping

I’ve rearranged the furniture here slightly, swept away the spiders, and found 50p down the back of the couch (WIN!).

Main changes are that because they’re relatively popular, I’ve put the links to my warrior fury and protection guides onto their own page so that visitors can find them more easily, and also set up a page for links to my reviews of new MMOs.

Also, I’ve set up a feedburner news feed for the blog RSS with a new link/ icon in the right hand margin — this won’t affect the current RSS at all. If you do want to switch (or subscribe), the new feed will update new posts much more quickly and will also make things more portable so that if I do ever decide to self-host, you won’t have to change anything to keep up.

I’m happy to take suggestions for anything else I could do to make my witterings easier to follow. And thanks to everyone for all the support and comments. I feel like  such a noob at this 😉