Aion gives you wings!

Not able to say a lot about last weekend’s Aion beta test except that I’m really looking forwards to the next beta test phase¬† (you’ll be able to test Asmodeans — the bad angel faction — from June 19th-22nd) and I’d advise people to keep an eye out for sites offering beta keys. Bear in mind this is a game that has been live in the far east for a year already, so it would not be out of line to expect a very polished gaming experience.

And yes, there are wings. They are pretty. So is everything else. Here’s a link to the FAQ but the short form is: it’s a (ravishingly beautiful and anime styled) MMO about good angels fighting bad angels, but with no actual real world religion involved. There’s a frontier zone with open PvP and it involves NPCs as well as PCs.