Death of an Old God #1


We killed Yogg-Saron in a 25 man raid this week. It was the second kill for the raid, but the first one in which I was there. So now I have helped to kill an Old God, and it’s time to move on. I missed all the 10 man kills so I’m very glad to have been in for this one. There is a sense of closure from clearing the instance, even on normal mode.

I enjoyed Ulduar very much, and the Yogg fight was fun to learn. It was busy, and exciting, and there was plenty for everyone to do and to remember. Phase 1 was probably one of my favourite tanking fights in Wrath so far (I just like kiting mobs around, picking up adds, and dodging environmental damage.)

If it feels bittersweet, it’s because this was my last remaining goal from patch 3.2. I’m sure we’ll enjoy the remaining hard modes, but somehow they just don’t ping me as goals in the same way.


Guess the next Old God for Azeroth?

I found this thread on the official forums: Guess the next Old God from Cthulhu mythos?

Currently Cthulhu/C’thun and Yog-Sothoth/Yog-Saron have had callouts in the game. But who might be next?

We were discussing this last night (as we wiped again on General Vezax in 10 man). Opinions were split between fan favourite, The King in Yellow — *coff*Hastur*coff*, my favourite, Nyarlahotep, or my husband who thinks that the Shub-Niggurath (the goat with a thousand young) would make a cool raid encounter.

What do you think? And as an aside, why haven’t we had the Hounds of Tindalos in an encounter yet? Beware the corners ….