Question of the Day: Are you happier when you focus on one game?

Zubon wrote a post on Kill Ten Rats which has been haunting me since I read the title (good title btw).

He wonders if ‘single game players’ are happier, arguing that if you don’t realise how much better other games can implement different aspects of MMOs, it’s easier to be happy with the one you have. For example, if you never played an MMO with a really well designed crafting system, you might find WoW crafting to be great.

Zubon also comments, sensibly, that if you haven’t played EVE you won’t know what a fully functional MMO economy is like. And I wonder how many of the hardcore WoW auction house/ goldmaker players have been tempted to try EVE because it’s strange to me also that most of them don’t.

I’m not sure on that one (you play the whole package after all, not the separate minigames), but I take the question another way.

Do you have more fun in games if you can focus utterly on one at a time? This means not switching butterfly-like between several in the same week but focussing utterly on the game that currently holds your interest? It means picking one MMO to spend the majority of your MMO time in.

I think that the most fun I’ve had in MMOs has been when I have been most engaged and that means very immersed in my current game of choice. It’s partly because that makes it easier to build social bonds, which I enjoy, and partly not feeling the stretch between ‘shall I play character X in game A or character Y in game B.’

If you do play multiple MMOs, how do you manage it? If you are more of a one game player, do you ever feel tempted to stray when things are quiet in your game of choice? Or are you a serial MMO player like me, who likes to have one main game at a time, but may switch after a few months?