2 Funny Things, and 1 Sad One

1. We found out in Noblegarden that the formal clothes are not soulbound so were passing them round. Yesterday morning found Spinks, dressed in a formal shirt and trousers, kissing a male tauren in a pink dress. Fortunately there are no screenshots to celebrate this event because we were both bunnies at the time. Note: The reason is because he was really keen for me to get the achievement and I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I didn’t really care.

I think with this event, WoW may have crossed some kind of surrealist event horizon.

I actually really like Noblegarden for the simple reason that I can easily avoid it. All you have to do is stay out of the starting areas. I don’t have people whining at me to go farm some dungeon boss. All the rewards are purely cosmetic. And it keeps the achievement junkies out of my hair. WIN!

2. I’ve been playing Age of Conan recently with Arb, Unwize, and some other friends (feel free to link your blogs in comments if I missed one). Aside from competing as to whose character can get the skimpiest outfit (this time the reason there are no screenies is because I haven’t figured out how to do them), it’s pretty obvious that this game was not written with female players in mind.

In one part of the epic questline, you get to talk to a (male) questgiver who needs a vial of blood from a non-virgin so he can get you to swap it with the virgin blood that the evil sorceress is using in her ritual. One of the dialogue options as a female character is, “You could use my blood?” to which he wimps out and answers that you have amnesia so you can’t be sure that you aren’t a virgin. Now, I didn’t fancy him much either but lives are at stake!!! I’ve seen The Wicker Man! I know that being a nubile virgin means that you end up getting horribly sacrificed. But no, I had to go back to town to find a friendly prostitute instead. Who wanted to chat me up, until she realised I was only after her blood.

Maybe my character is a lesbian virgin vampire. That would actually be a lot more interesting than Conan 🙂 (Sorry, I’m just not a fan of the books.)

Sad Things

I’m not big on goodbyes but I’ll miss Out of Mana, good luck with wherever life takes you next, Megan!