10 cool things to read this week

Hurrah, it’s that linking time of day again.

1. Michael@MMO Nation thinks that AAA fantasy MMO’s are a solved problem. Time for developers (who aren’t Blizzard) to move on.

2. From The Medium is Not Enough … The Wrath of Khan as Opera with Action Figures.

3. Nerf this Druid shows us tabards in a whole new way. I swear I had never even thought of this before I saw her screenshot, and no one in my guild had either!

4. Kill Ten Rats thinks that MMOs need a pause key. This is actually why I don’t play on PvP servers, sometimes the cat throws up or the phone rings, or life happens, etc.

5. Out of Mana knows what the P stands for in PvE tanks. It’s not my fault, chargen made me that way!

6. The Writers Cabal Blog talk about envy in game design, and how designers use envy deliberately to make players compete.

7. The Ancient Gaming Noob interprets icons as you’ve never seen them before.

8. Muckbeast writes about why we need enforced downtime in games to encourage people to be social.

9. Fel Fire wonders when main spec is main spec, and other loot distribution issues. This is only going to get worse when/if dual specs arrive.

10. Yay, the Blood Bowl trailer. How good does this look?

Weirdest news story of the week: Putin attends a secret ABBA concert.