Question of the Day: How many mounts do you really need?

In comments on yesterday’s post, Theladas wrote:

Titles and tabards and mounts from achievements are just as permanent as they were

Which is true, of course. But does leave me wondering how many titles and tabards and mounts a character really needs. For me, once I have found one that I like, I’m not in a hurry to change it. Mechanically, in WoW, they’re all similar.

For example, I always loved the undead skeleton horse mount that forsaken get as a racial mount, from the first time I saw it. For me, Blizzard have never made a cooler ground mount. So I have no real interest in getting a different one. You can compare this with a more vehicle based game like EVE or Pirates of the Burning Sea, where you probably will want lots of ships because each one is good at different types of gameplay.

Cosmetic gear is in a similar bind. Not everyone wants to keep changing their costumes, some people are happy once they have one. Or in other words, it’s nice to have lots of choices – but what happens after you have made your choice?