[SWTOR] Why I still want to play this thing!

So the ‘backlash’ against SWTOR continues, as people get to actually play the thing and find that – yes – it’s just an MMO and not the second coming.

Analyst comments that “it’s like Bioware mechanics bolted onto a WoW skin”

Massively writers are not blown away. (I thought the take away point from here is that the melee Operative/ Smuggler is a class/ spec with issues at this point, so you can pretty much guarantee it’ll still have some at launch.)

And yet I have to wonder if anyone was surprised. What I am expecting from SWTOR is exactly Bioware mechanics and storytelling ‘bolted on’ to an MMO core, which probably will have a lot in common with WoW-type games. So telling me it’s like that is really not a turn-off.

Main points for me from what I have heard about this game so far:

  • Class centred storytelling. I’m really intrigued to check this out, and especially whether they’ll go for a slightly different genre for each class (eg. jedi knight gets a completely different ‘type of story to smuggler)
  • Crafting via companions. I still think this sounds vaguely intriguing. And housing via ships too.
  • Companions in general. They’re set for this to be one of the telling points of the game.
  • Sound as the ‘fifth pillar’. Fully voiced NPCs, star wars sound effects, the whole works. I’m just curious to see how much difference it makes.