Do you need to suffer to be a real healer?

You probably know the kind of person who is very proud of being a ‘real’ healer. They are happy to heal 100% of the time and consider it a sign of weakness if their character has any non-support spells at all. Worse still would be a viable dps spec, because that might attract *say it in whispers* the wrong kind of player.

Damage? Only the feeble minded want to be able to solo on their healers, real healers need not these things.

Real healers ™ never ignore a call for a healer from any quarter; LFG channel, guild chat, random newbie, they will trudge out to the ends of the earth to martyr themselves to whichever poor soul needs their tender ministrations.

Real healers give of their time and gold unstintingly, knowing that the effort may never be really appreciated. They may occasionally cry out to the heavens about how miserable their lot is, and how difficult it is to be so very popular, but they secretly enjoy it.

Real healers get very very pissed off if they see a hybrid ‘stealing’ their group or raid spots. Because apparently it’s not enough to want to heal 50% of the time, if you don’t heal 100% of the time and suffer constantly for your art, you don’t deserve to have healing spells.

Real healers are twats. They know that their vaunted popularity depends on them being available in limited numbers. And they know that the best way to keep the numbers down is to make the class as unappealing to anyone who is not a real healer ™ as possible.

Real healers have a vested interest in making sure that it’s always hard to find a healer. This goes against the interests of the majority of the player base which is why we’ll keep seeing more hybrid healer classes in future (until someone thinks of a way out  of the tank/healer/dps model.)

There is nothing wrong at all with having a preferred role and always sticking to it. That’s cool, although soloing usually requires a different type of role to grouping anyway. But assuming that yours is the only worthwhile way to play makes no sense.

Complaining when your class gets better soloing tools makes no sense.

People who think that hybrid healers should not be able to heal as well as pure healers are living in cloud cuckoo land. There is a difference between wanting to heal 70% of the time and wanting to heal 70% as well. Healing 70% as well means that if instances are tuned for the pure healer, the hybrid will really struggle AND if instances are tuned for the hybrid, the pure healer will be bored.

The big problem with the idea of lesser healers is that there isn’t much of a role in many games for the off-healer. And when it does exist, it’s a lesser role that isn’t always necessary. So unless a hybrid has a lot of extra utility and damage to add to the off-healing role, when they do get to heal they’ll have to be the main healer.

There are a lot of dedicated healers out there who are also good players, fun to hang out with, and not hung up about playing the martyr. These are the guys to find and treasure, everyone will have more fun.