How much do we really want a class to change between expansions?

So Blizzard have started to dribble out some more talent tree information for druids, rogues, priests and shamans. But I don’t really feel curious to know more about warriors. I’m fine if they don’t change much, because I like mine the way she plays right now. All I really want is for Blizzard to design encounters that play to my class strengths 🙂

And this is the real sticking point with class redesigns. If a gameplay feature is changed too much, then people who like it right now might find that they can’t get to grips with their favourite class any more in future. I think the ones which look set to change the most in Warcraft are Holy Paladins, and Death Knights in general (just because some spec/role combinations are disappearing).

Have you ever played a class which stopped being fun after a redesign?