It came from the PUG: I’ll … roll … in … a … minute

Now I haven’t ventured into the dangerous waters of PUG heroics in Cataclysm myself, I think I have better things to do than spend a couple of hours in the company of Joe Random who cheated the iLvL requirement by buying PvP gear …. like washing my socks or something.

But normal Cataclysm dungeons in LFD I’ve had fairly good experiences with. I’ve had some groups where the tank or healer was nervous and the rest of the group was friendly and supportive. I’ve had several groups where different people helped to explain encounters to people who didn’t know them. I’ve even been in a group where one guy started with the ‘gogogo’ and everyone else told him to shut up. And he did!

The worst behaviour I’ve seen so far was the guy who said as we zoned in, “Sorry, meant to queue for the heroic,” and instead of either leaving or finishing the normal instance, he just sat down at the entrance and went AFK. This left the group the option of booting him (which couldn’t happen for 15 minutes) or leaving the instance themselves (leaving gives you a 30 min debuff before you can queue for another random).

Rolling with the slow rollers

But one thing that is mildly frustrating for me at the moment is people who insist on asking “Can I roll need for this drop” when it’s an upgrade for their main spec and role which they are playing at the time.

Really guys, if you are tanking and a tanking upgrade drops, you don’t need to ask if you can roll need. That’s what the need button is for. You don’t even need to ask whether you can roll need for offspec (it’s usually considered polite, but you don’t have to.)

Sometimes people do ask the group if they can roll need for offspec gear. I always automatically say, “Sure, that’s fine,” after a few seconds have passed regardless of who asked or what offspec gear they wanted. I figure it gets things moving, since no one else was probably going to answer. It also makes you feel very authoritative cos the person who asked usually just wants one random person to say yes to make them feel better about rolling.

I was in a group where one of the dps did this and then the healer paged me with a sad face several packs of trash mobs later. Well, chuckles, you could have spoken up and said, “This is an upgrade for my main spec, please don’t roll on it.” If you choose silence instead, don’t whine if you lose a roll.

And speaking of people who are slow to roll, there are occasions where I’d wait to see if the tank rolled need on an item before rolling need for offspec. And I noticed that some tanks (and healers) won’t do this until they can see that no one else in the group has rolled. I don’t know why this is. Surely if they want to need on a mainspec item, they could do that as soon as they compare it with their gear and find that it’s an upgrade. If they don’t need it, that gives everyone else the chance to roll need for offspec without having to ask pointless quests that random group members will answer.

Cataclysm Shot of the Day


Another picture from the revamped old world. I’ve noticed that they’ve been tweaking the colour palette to be more naturalistic in some of the old zones. This is from Blasted Lands, if you can believe it.