In which I ponder the lure of the world’s firsts

Gravity notes today that Premonition got a world first kill on Heroic Ruby Sanctum (this is a link to the tankspot strategy guide). This is the new raid instance which was patched into the US WoW servers yesterday and is being patched into ours today. I think my casual raid guild actually got a server or faction first on one of the ICC bosses purely due to the date/time on which we usually raid also.

In this case, the Ruby Sanctum raid isn’t intended to be as difficult as Icecrown, it’s not a progression instance. (My guess is that it’s intended to be challenging for PUG raids.) So it should surprise no one that hardcore raid guilds roll over it without a hiccough. But still they went to the effort of announcing a world kill with a screenshot.

Is it bad if I want to pat them all on the head?