Kill the raid boss … or rescue it?


And here we see a peacefully sleeping raid boss.

As you can see, it is tethered by all four feet and given no room to move around or stretch in its captivity at the Argent Tournament. The creature is kept in a state of constant hunger, and is periodically tortured with zapping rods (provided generously by the Kirin Tor as long as someone else uses them) to train it for its ultimate fate.

On tournament off-days, the yeti is transported into the arena and forced to fight teams of bored adventurers for the amusement of the gathered audience.

We’ve had funny fanfic before about what raid bosses do when there isn’t a raid around. But this is the first time we’ve actually been able to see it for ourselves. The Beasts of Northrend who comprise the first encounter in the Coliseum raid actually are tethered in captivity around the tournament grounds. It’s all a bit miserable.

I wish I could set them free. Maybe they’d even eat a crusader or two on their way home.