Bloggers Guild, Whiny Post Day

If anyone is playing Warcraft (or thinking of it) and likes the idea of a guild with other bloggers, blog-lovers, blog readers, or anyone who can put together a cogent argument about why hybrids should/shouldn’t heal in under 5 minutes, there’s a new game in town.

Tamarind@ Righteous Orbs (or should I call him the-blogger-who-used-to-be-tamarind, or Kumquat and other orange coloured tropical fruits) has set up a new guild as a hangout on Horde Side of Argent Dawn (EU). It’s called Single Abstract Noun, so if you are interested, roll up an alt and ask someone for an invite.

Argent Dawn is also my home server, it’s a RP server and also is one of the EU day one servers (ie. it opened on the same day that WoW launched in the EU), so there’s a fairly mature community in both senses of the word. I’ve always rather liked it.

Miss Medicina has also started a US branch of Single Abstract Noun on Argent Dawn US. So good luck with that also, and I’m sure she’d welcome new members who play on the US servers.

Do be aware that if you roll a character on a roleplaying server, you’ll be expected to pick a vaguely appropriate name (or rather, inappropriate names are liable to get reported) and although roleplaying isn’t compulsory, it’s bad form to deliberately trash it.

Whiny Post Day

In another announcement of interest to bloggers around the globe, Klepsacovic is organising World Whiny Post day for March 17th. Mark that date in your diaries, and prepare to get in touch with the blogosphere’s emo side. Won’t that be fun?

Bonus prize if you can pick something to whine about that NO ONE ELSE IS WHINING ABOUT. And as he so rightly points out, if no one makes any posts, then 18th March can be Whine about the lack of Whiny Posts day.

And although Klepsacovic is a WoW blogger, I’m sure the invitation is open to all.