Thought of the day: More on social responsibility

I’ve been quite interested in the debates Tobold has been having with all and sundry lately on the subject of social responsibility in MMOs.

My personal view is that the only ‘social responsibility’ any player has is just not to go out of their way to chase anyone else out of the game. I will talk more about this later this week, because I’m interested in the notion of building social capital in games and I think devs should be also.

But for now, I have to wonder how many of the people who come out of the woodwork to argue that it’s socially responsible to play support classes or to only queue for randoms if you are ‘a good player‘  (but how are newbies supposed to learn? Not everyone learns best from reading written guides …) actually consider social responsibilities like helping newbies to integrate, or  care about their social responsibilities in real life …