[Pictures] Pre-Cataclysm elemental on elemental action!


I thought it might be fun to share a few screenshots of the pre-Cataclysm events, just for posterity. This is Ogrimmar being attacked by elementals. Tons of players have shown up to help kill the attackers, close the rifts and free prisoners trapped in elemental fire. Players also helped to barricade various parts of the city.

When I came in via the portal from Dalaran (enjoy it while it lasts) an Earthen Ring representative was standing around and gave me a device to free prisoners so I spent more time running around and doing that than actually killing stuff.

General and guild chat were alive with excitement.


A couple more pictures from the event. Thrall is now in Outland, talking to Aggra and Gavan Grayfeather. I’ll try to get more of the dialogue this week but it mostly consislantresorts of Aggra telling Thrall to take his clothes off (I kid you not) and both the other shamans implying that he needs to choose now between being warchief of the horde or being a shaman. I don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler to say that we’re stuck with Garrosh for Cataclysm rather than my favoured candidate who is pictured to the left.

edited to add: They’ve typed out the Thrall/ Aggra/ Gavan dialogue here.

And my paladin, disguised (but not very well) as a twilight cultist is practicing the summoning ritual which she will later screw up on purpose –— well, apparently it’s on purpose but I also think she’s not very bright so who knows?


And here are some pictures of the elemental attacks throughout Azeroth and Outland. You’ll see that the native wildlife is helping to fight back the invaders too. I’ve shown ravagers fighting fire elementals in Hellfire Peninsula, native fire elementals fighting invading air elementals in Felwood, and the inhabitants of Garodar (including Garrosh) fighting earth elementals in Nagrand.

What announcements would you like to see from Blizzcon?

So how is patch 4.0.1 treating everyone? I had to do a complete reinstall so haven’t had a lot of time to check out the actual patch itself.

I did wander into Thrall’s throneroom in time to catch a conversation between Thrall, Garrosh, Vol’jin and Eitrigg in which Thrall informs them that he’s going to Nagrand to investigate elemental issues and leaving Garrosh in charge.  I was too dozy to take screenshots, but a poster on mmo-champion captured more of the event.

In any case, Blizzcon is next  weekend (Oct 22-23), which is the traditional venue for Blizzard to make any large announcements about upcoming expansions and products. I think it’s expected that they’ll unveil the launch cinematic for Cataclysm and at least one more class for Diablo III (paladin perhaps).

But is there any other announcement that you would like to see?

I’m hoping for a lot more information about the online/ battle.net side of Diablo III. I’d like to see some kind of an auction house, and to see whether they are going to deliberately converge it more with MMO type playing styles. After all, hanging around in battle.net chat until you find a group for Scene X isn’t all that different logistically from hanging out in Dalaran while you wait for LFG to zone you into an instance …