Rise of the (Day of the) Tentacles?


Laverne: “Gosh, I hope this isn’t like the primitive, dangerous microwave ovens of my century. Those things could really pop a hamster good.”

Maybe you just had to be there.

Anyhow, all you need to know is that Day of the Tentacle is one of the most brilliant, funniest, best written, comedy time travel adventure games ever written. I have very fond memories of playing it together with my partner back in the day. And the guy behind it (Tim Schafer) is getting funding together on Kickstarter for his studio to produce another point and click adventure game. Contributors will get a chance to talk to developers about the project while development is going on, as well as the chance to help test betas and a copy of the finished product.

So if you like well written point and click adventures and are curious about the process of game development, this looks like a fun process to be part of. They’re looking for $400k, and they already have raised half of that. So this is going to happen, and good for them. I know I’m in.

(edit: and they raised the money in under 24 hours… )