[STO] The Tribble Evolution Flowchart

Tribble breeding may be one of the strangest mini-games to have ever hit any MMO ever. Actually breeding the things is very easy:

  1. Take your tribble.
  2. Put in an enclosed area (such as your inventory) with anything edible and spare space.
  3. Wait one hour.

And that’s pretty much it. Given enough food, tribbles expand to fill the available space. They are also utterly adorable and can be taken out and petted while on ground missions, which provides the owner with either a small self heal or a buff.

The interesting side of tribble breeding is that the little fluff balls also come in different varieties. Some have different markings, some give different buffs. And if you right-click on your tribble to bring up the context menu and select ‘info’ you can find out to which sub-species your pet belongs. And the different varieties of child tribble that a parent will spawn depend strongly on which food item is available.

So if you isolate your tribble in a breeding box (ie. your inventory, containing only the food item you want the tribble to eat), you can breed predictable tribblets.

I mention this because Matt.C on rpg.net found a beautifully rendered guide to tribble breeding and evolution by KappaTau from the official STO boards.

Final 20100217c.2 printer friendly

This is the cut down version, if you go to KappaTau’s thread he also links to a rather gorgeous wallpaper edition, so you can stare at little tribbles all day and … I’m not sure where I’m going with this but it’s an absolutely awesome piece of work.