[STO] The Tribble Evolution Flowchart

Tribble breeding may be one of the strangest mini-games to have ever hit any MMO ever. Actually breeding the things is very easy:

  1. Take your tribble.
  2. Put in an enclosed area (such as your inventory) with anything edible and spare space.
  3. Wait one hour.

And that’s pretty much it. Given enough food, tribbles expand to fill the available space. They are also utterly adorable and can be taken out and petted while on ground missions, which provides the owner with either a small self heal or a buff.

The interesting side of tribble breeding is that the little fluff balls also come in different varieties. Some have different markings, some give different buffs. And if you right-click on your tribble to bring up the context menu and select ‘info’ you can find out to which sub-species your pet belongs. And the different varieties of child tribble that a parent will spawn depend strongly on which food item is available.

So if you isolate your tribble in a breeding box (ie. your inventory, containing only the food item you want the tribble to eat), you can breed predictable tribblets.

I mention this because Matt.C on rpg.net found a beautifully rendered guide to tribble breeding and evolution by KappaTau from the official STO boards.

Final 20100217c.2 printer friendly

This is the cut down version, if you go to KappaTau’s thread he also links to a rather gorgeous wallpaper edition, so you can stare at little tribbles all day and … I’m not sure where I’m going with this but it’s an absolutely awesome piece of work.

STO: Welcome to Star Fleet, Here’s Your Tribble

Yes, another flimsy excuse to post more screenshots from Star Trek Online!

The first headstart weekend has been very busy, and servers have been heavily loaded. There have been long outages of the login servers, and Cryptic have put in a server queue which may mean more time waiting around.

Other than that, my experience with the game so far has been very smooth. Once you are actually logged in, it plays well and has handled the heavy load gracefully. I’ve played a few MMOs when they first went live and at the moment, it’s as good as any of them.

I’m not really hitting the peak US timezone, though, which is probably where the heaviest usage occurs. We’ll just have to see how the game copes when it opens up to the non-headstart players too.


This is the USS Brunel in action. I was tempted with ironic Culture-esque names for my starship but in the end I decided to honour one of my all-time engineering heroes.

If only I could dress my character like Brunel. I think they share a few points of similarity though …


Separated at birth? Well, maybe not but I’m sure IKB would have liked tribbles too; they make authentically adorable cooing noises when you pet them.

I don’t think it will take too long until the entire population of STO has a tribble. You can acquire one either from a friend (thanks, Longasc) or as a drop from a mob in a ground fight, because Klingons apparently like tribbles too.

Once you have your tribble, you have to decide what to do with it. If you equip it into one of your equipment slots then you will haul it along on ground missions. This means that you can take it out from time to time for a cuddle. Tribbles like being petted, and will even give you a handy short term combat buff! But if you pet it again too quickly, it will make a disgruntled eek noise.

Or you could store it in your inventory. But be careful, if there’s any food in there then the tribbles will start multiplying and you can quickly run out of inventory space.

They come in different colours and patterns. I’m not saying that I am running a tribble breeding program BUT so far I’ve seen white, black, cream, spotted (shown in the picture) and striped. I’m currently trying to pimp them to the rest of my fleet because I’m oddly reluctant to actually destroy any to make more room.

Haggis, it’s what’s for dinner?

Space combat and ground combat are two very different games in STO, so it makes sense that they require different kit and consumables. As you’d expect, drops you get from space combat are useable for space combat, and the same applies to ground combat.

Consumables for ground combat include hypodermics which function as healing potions, and food items. Amusingly, although there are a wide variety of food items in the game that will be familiar to trek fans, they aren’t restricted to dropping from appropriate races. STO denizens are a cosmopolitan lot who like to try each other’s cultural delicacies.

Here’s a thread from the boards, listing items that people have looted from dead klingons. Hot Chocolate, Haggis, tribbles …

The haggis is notable because it’s the one sole food item in my inventory that even my tribbles would not eat.


Also my character reached the dizzying heights of rank 6, which meant I was allowed to create a Klingon side character. I went with the Orion Pirate Queen and this screenshot shows my character hanging out with some of the girls. The NPC next to me is indulging in some witch elf cosplay.

I was initially sad that I could not take to the bridge in a space bikini of my own (you can spot the player character in this shot because it is the one with clothes on), but on reflection, I need the male crewmembers to be focussing on their duties.

I plan to recruit a crew of hunky male Orions and then CONQUER THE KNOWN GALAXY!

These are the Voyages of the Starship Tribblebuster


Star Trek Online is (still) currently due to launch on February 2nd in the US and the 5th here in Europe, less than a month from today. And as is customary, the NDA for press has been dropped before the general punters in the beta test are officially allowed to talk about their experiences.

The open beta is due to start next week, on Jan 12th, where everyone who has preordered will get a chance to see a) if they feel that they’ll get their money’s worth and b) to try to snag some variant of the name USS Enterprise which will be pointless because beta characters get wiped before the headstart, but people will forget this fact.

Cryptic have provided for a wide range of pre-order bonuses, depending on which purveyor of digital entertainment you choose to grace with your custom. These are nicely gauged to draw in the Trekkies (Constitution Class starship, mirror universe costumes, pet tribble, etc) without actually affecting the gameplay in any way. Whatever you think of this type of trick (bribe the punters with cute pets and cosmetic outfits!), it works. Or at least, it works on this punter. Bring on the tribble!

And now I just need someone to tell me how long the ship names are allowed to be so I can decide whether USS Justifiable Homicide is a go or not. Or I could wait until next week, when I will hopefully be able to file some reports from deep space in person.

Still, how are the initial preview reports shaping up?

Gamespy features a three part preview, where Gerald Villoria focusses on explaining what it’s all about (at least in the parts I have read, maybe he brings his conclusions in at the end.)

Wesley Yin-Poole at Videogamer.com likes the game and says that when it is good it is very good, but it feels grindy in the closed beta, and he finds it painfully slow paced. (My comment: Grindiness is something that is easily fixed in a tuning pass if it’s an issue, so that’s not necessarily a roadblock. But I do appreciate that he played the game and gave his genuine impressions – that’s what I like to see in a preview.)

Nick Kolan describes the opening mission in impressive depth (wonder if he played it much longer than that) at ign.com.

Anyone else planning on Star Trekkin’?