David Jaffe explains Europe

Or more precisely, he explains why his last game didn’t sell too well there:

My layman’s sociological view of Europe is that you guys tend to respond to things that are sleeker, cleaner, more refined, a bit more humorous,” he told Eurogamer backstage at E3 today.


I’m not sure about sleeker.

“I think especially in Europe the candy wrapper is so off-putting to certain people. You say ‘that’s not for us, there’s not enough irony, there’s not enough humour’. It’s not given the chance to unveil what’s beneath the candy wrapper.”

Also, yes, I do say this to myself all the time.

What I suspect is the case is that gaming in general is a bit more mainstream in Europe. It’s why you see the Wii and handheld games doing so well here compared to the US charts (this is a chart for the first few months of last year)

Also, advertising has something to do with it, because I don’t even remember having heard of Twisted Metal.